Weapons Theme Packs

WW2 AlliesPack v3

Everything you need to defeat the Axis Powers, and secure Victory!

MSRP $12


This explosive pack includes a variety of munitions from rifle rounds to artillery shells, all guaranteed to make any MOC burst with excitement!

MSRP $12

Blaster Pack - Nova

Galactic warfare goes supernova with the explosive weaponry included in the BrickArms Nova Blaster Pack!

MSRP $18

Blaster Pack - Vector

Blast bolts hit with precise direction and maximum magnitude when they're fired from the weapons of the BrickArms Vector Blaster Pack!

MSRP $14

Blaster Pack - Revolution

BrickArms lights the galactic fuse with the Blaster Pack - Revolution!

MSRP $12

Blaster Pack - Stellar

BrickArms goes epic with the Stellar Blaster Pack! Includes weaponry for your sci-fi troopers to explode through the stars.

MSRP $12

Camo Combat Packs

Dark tan and OD Green swirled weapons. Choose from four packs:


German Pack v2

Begin your quest for global dominance with the German Weapons Pack!

MSRP $12

Modern Combat - Assault Pack v2

Heavy firepower for heavy action, the BrickArms Modern Combat Assault Pack includes a variety of weapons to add a full metal storm to any build!

MSRP $10

Modern Combat - Frontline Pack

Equip your troops for the bleeding-edge of minifigure battle with the BrickArms Modern Combat Frontline Pack!

MSRP $12

Modern Combat - Tactical Pack

Specialized weaponry for true professionals, the BrickArms Modern Combat Tactical Pack includes some truly unique pistols, rifles, and machine guns!

MSRP $10

GOLDEN Mystery Pack vol4

Every collectible BrickArms Mystery Pack vol4 contains:

  • 1 Random 24K Gold-plated item
  • 2 Random Chrome-plated items
  • 15 Random Mystery items each in a different color!
  • MSRP $30

    Russian Pack v3

    "For the Motherland!"
    Now with SVT-40 Battle Rifle.

    MSRP $12

    Sci-Fi Pack - 2017

    Destroy all Aliens..ALL Aliens.

    MSRP $10

    WW1 Central Powers Pack

    Fight the War to End All Wars with the BrickArms WW1 Central Powers Pack. Contains special hand-injected weapons and one overmolded trench mace war club!

    MSRP $15

    WW1 Trench Pack v2

    Fight the War to End All Wars with the BrickArms WW1 Trench Pack v2.
    Now with Lebel Rifles!

    MSRP $9

    WWII Pack v2

    Battle from all sides, with weaponry and headgear from 5 different armies!

    MSRP $12

    Value Packs

    BrickArms Value Pack Series 1-11, offer variety & value! Collect them all!
    • Packs 1-3 contain a CHROME weapon!
    • Packs 4-7 contain a Glow in the Dark weapon!
    • Packs 8-11 contain a CRAZY colored blaster!

    MSRP $6

    Vietnam Pack

    Includes American and Soviet weaponry for the perfect set of accessories to recreate the combat of Vietnam!

    MSRP $10

    Zombie Defense Pack - 2020

    Get armed with the BrickArms 2018 Zombie Defense Pack to defend against the shambling dead! Comes with a custom pad printed dead-head, designed and printed by Citizen Brick.

    MSRP $12