BrickArms Releases

October 2021 - NEW Z6 Blaster and Packs!

Blaster Pack - Vector ($14)

Blaster Pack - Nova ($18)

Modern Combat Frontline Pack ($12)

Allies Pack v2 ($12)

Z6 Rotary Cannon



773 Firepuncher

773 Firepuncher Takedown

Jan 2021 - 16 NEW Blasters and the Exo-Pack!

Exo-Pack ($16) - Extendable Exo-Arm, backpack, and 5 blasters

A350 Blaster Rifle
A360 Sniper Blaster
Dark Blade
DH-426 Scatter Blaster
MK-M Sniper Blaster
Westar 35R Realistic

Oct 2020 - NEW Weapons Packs including the GOLDEN Mystery Pack Vol 4!

GOLDEN Mystery Pack Vol 4 ($30) - Every pack contains a 24K gold-plated weapon!

M2019 - RELOADED ($20) - A triple-overmold in 4 different plastics

Blaster Pack - Stellar ($12)

Blaster Pack - Revolution ($12)

Zombie Defense 2020 ($12)

Modern Combat Assault Pack v2 ($10)

Russian Pack v3 ($12)

WW1 Trench Pack v2 ($9)

Jan 2020 - NEW Dark Warrior Packs and Sci-fi Weapons!

Dark Warrior Packs

A180 BLaster Pistol
DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol
E-5 Baster Rifle
EC-17 Scout Pistol
DC-17 Blaster Pistol
Relby V10 Blaster Rifle
Westar 35 Blaster Pistol
Resistance Shocktrooper Pistol

Nov 2019 - NEW WWII Pack, German MG Tripod, and MGs!

World War II v3 Theme Pack! Includes NEW items: Webley Revolver, Carcano Rifle, MAB 38 SMG
German Tripod w/MG34 & MG-42
M27 IAR Tactical Rifle
M240D Door Machine Gun
M60D Door Machine Gun
M240B Infantry Machine Gun

Sept 2019 - NEW Galactic Gunfighter and Trooper Gear Overmolded Blasters!

Galactic Gunfighter Rifle and Pistol Overmolds. Sold in a pack for $20 MSRP

July 2019 - Camo Combat Packs!

Oct 2018 - Blaster Pack v2, AMMO Pack, Vietnam Pack, and Battle Royale pack!

July 2018 - Value Packs 8, 9, 10, 11 - each contains a CRAZY colored blaster!

Nov 2017 - WW1 German Pickelhaube helmet, German Fallschirmhelm, and French Adrian helmets. PLUS BUILDABLE Vickers & M1909 Hotchkiss machine guns!

Oct 2017 - NEW Russian Weapons Pack v2 and DShK Heavy Machine Gun.

June 2017 - Modern Combat Assault, Modern Combat Tactical, Zombie Packs, PPsh40-v2, MP40 v3, Hotchkiss Mk1, M41A v2, M4-TAC, M4-SBR, NATO Battle Rifle, STG44, L85A1

May 2017 - Sci-Fi Pack, Value Packs 4-7

Feb 2017 - WW1 Trench Pack

Oct 2016 - Blade Pack, Blaster Pack, D93 Incinierator, Pacific Battle Pack, Axe Guitar, Radi8 .44 RMR, 88mm Shell

June 2016 - Russian SSh-40 helmet, Japanese Type 90 Helmet, Value Pack 1-3

Feb 2016 - WW2 Vests : 5 Allies + 5 German

WW2 Allies Vests WW2 German Vests

Dec 2015 - WW2 Packs, Sci-Fi Pack, Zombie Pack

October 2015 - PCV & Modern Combat V6

September 2015 - FOE-11 Overmolds

July 2015 - M249 + Sci-Fi

Feb 2015 - M1917A1 Machine Gun

January 2015 - Maxim MG08/15

November 2014 - MK19 & More!

Image Map

July 2014: AK Variant Release!

Image Map

April 2014 - Spring Release!

Image Map

Nov 2013 - Zombie Defense Pack 2014

June 2013 - Modern Combat Pack v4!

Updated for 2013, the BrickArms Modern Combat pack now contains the M60 LMG & FMG!

March 2013 - Release is live!

10 new guns from WW2 to Postmodern are now available at all authorized Resellers worldwide

February 2013 - The Crates are here!

$2.50 USD each. Available now at all of my Resellers worldwide

January 2013 - BrickArms on Seattle's Evening Magazine!

Click to watch the feature! Look near the end of the clip, for a secret preview of something to come later this year.

December 2012 - Offensive Combat Series 1!

The officially licensed Offensive Combat weapons series from the hit in-browser game by U4iA.
Each pack contains 9 guns from the Offensive Combat games, in jet black ABS.
Available at all Official Resellers starting December 18th, 2012

BrickArms on NPR!

Were you listening? on Cyber Monday (11/26) NPR ran a short piece on BrickArms. Check it out!

November, 2012 - SciFi X Pack with XSR Proto!

Lmited Quantities available - each includes an XSR Prototype!

October, 2012 - X Series Weapons, Mystery Pack Vol3 and Ushanka!

June 2012 - 20 New Weapons!

March 2012 - MAAWS, Black Minigun w/Brass Ammo Chain, MCP v3, & WWII Pack w/Russian Protos!

February 2012 - M16 Variants & M110 SASS!

November 2011 - Boonie Hat and Combat LMG Battle Kit!

August 2011 - M1919 Machine Gun, HAC, ARC, and M3 Grease Gun!

June 2011 - Minigun, Ray Gun & Tactical Sword!

May 2011 - Pack-a-Palooza!

January 2011 - Updated Modern Combat Pack!

Mid-November 2010 - German WWII Minifigs!

November 2010 - Duck and Cover!

NEW MCH Helmet, NEW Brodie Helmet, NEW Weapons Packs - including new CHROME, and a new Minifig!

September 2010 - Reach for the Past..and the Future!

June 2010 - Combat Release

May 2010 - WWII Release

2009 Release

2008 Release

2007 Release

May 2006

The first SIX BrickArms are produced and sold. BrickArms is OFFICIALLY born!