BrickArms Custom Minifig
Shaun UK Zombie Fighter
When the dead walk, a hero must rise...from his couch! Shaun might not seem like prime zombie-fighting material, but with his trusty BrickArms Cricket Bat, he's more than ready to save his mates from the flesh-eating "zed-word" menace and lead them to the safety of the local pub.

Whether he's part of your own collection or a gift to a wonderful mum, the Shaun the UK Zombie Fighter is truly a slice of custom minifig fried gold!

  • White Minifig w/custom printed full color torso & black legs
  • Tan BrickArms Cricket Bat
  • Black MinifigWorld minifig stand

MSRP $15

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NOTE: The custom printing is durable, but not impervious!
While the minifig will withstand moderate play, it is intended to be displayed.