BrickArms at BrickFest 2009
Finally, BrickFest came back to Portland! I missed this show, since my last visit in 2007. All of my local guys travel down for this one, and we even get a nice Canadian contingent visiting as well.

New to the show for BrickArms, was the release of First Wave 2009, the 14 new items for the year: Combat Shotgun, Ammo Clip, Combat Knife, Paintball Marker, Lewis Gun, Bazooka, M6, M1851 Navy Revolver, Dadao (cleaver), Damien Blade, Machete, Rapier MGL, U-Clip.

I brought them in 4 different colors: Black, Silver, Dark Gray (dark bley), and a new 100% original color, Gunmetal.

Once again, I was the only customizer vendor in attendance. I'm the only one that goes to every major Lego show in the US (4 and counting), and I love to meet new BrickArms fans, and touch base with old friends.

Most of you know that I am constantly working on new items, and now that I can prototype my ideas in 100% injected ABS, I try to bring as many of as possible to the shows, to give them all away, and get your opinion. Once again (not to toot my own horn..but I will), I am the only customizing vendor that gives away my creations like this, and I have a blast doing it!

This year, I brought: PPSh SMG, BAR, Buzz Gun, Derringer, Minigun, Photon Pistol, Buildable Ammo Chain, Flame Gun, P08 Luger, Panzerfaust, Time Bomb, and Bayonets. That was a LOT of gear! When I left, my bins were empty - just the way I like it!