BrickArms Custom Minifig
WW2 German SS Major v2
Directing the German offensive from the front lines of battle is the BrickArms custom WWII German Major. Clad in an imposing black uniform and ready to issue orders, the BrickArms German Major is the perfect antagonist for your Allied WWII figs or as an officer in your own theme of minifigs!

A midnight-black LEGO® Minifig with a custom decal printed with full color and metallic silver and gold inks. He comes with:
  • Black Minifig w/custom torso decal
  • Black Cap
  • Silver BrickArms C96 Mauser
  • Silver BrickArms MP40 SMG

NOTE: The custom decal is sealed to resist scratching, but it is not impervious!
While the minifig will withstand light play, it is intended to be displayed.