BrickArms Custom Minifig
US Colonial Marine
In the furthest reaches of space, the BrickArms Sci-fi Colonial Marine is ready to defend mankind against even the most deadly of xenomorph. Armed with a good deal more than harsh language, the BrickArms Sci-Fi Colonial Marine comes equipped with an M41A Pulse Rifle and also has a sidearm at the ready . . . for close encounters! The BrickArms Sci-fi Colonial Marines: they endanger species!

  • Dark Tan Minifig w/custom printed torso decal with color and metallics inks.
  • Classic Brown LEGO® Helmet
  • Black BrickArms M41A Pulse Rifle
  • Black BrickArms M23 Sidearm w/LAM
Decal design used with permission and under license from Damien Knight (Anthony Lombardi)

NOTE: The custom decal is sealed to resist scratching, but it is not impervious!
While the minifig will withstand light play, it is intended to be displayed.