BrickArms Products
All BrickArms toys are made of high quality ABS plastic - the same plastic that LEGO® uses in their own toys. They are carefully designed for perfect compatibility and are manufactured to the highest quality standard to ensure your satisfaction.

Custom injection molded minifig-scale weapons. All are perfectly compatible with the LEGO® minifigs bricks and weapons you already own.
Choose from 31 different weapons, from grenades, pistols, rifles, and grenade launchers!
Tactical Vests
Custom designed armor to take your minifigs into battle.
There are four different styles to choose from, and 8 different colors.
Custom designed headgear, perfectly sized for your minifigs.
Weapons Packs
Assorted packs of BrickArms weapons when you need a big boom - at a discount!
Custom Minifigs
Custom designed minifigs which include BrickArms weapons.
World War II & Modern Soldiers, a Sci-Fi Colonial Marine, and a LEGO® Bond Spy - we have what you need.
Custom BrickArms accessesories for your Minifigs.