Boonie Hat

From the blazing desert to the steamy jungle, the BrickArms Boonie Hat proves its worth!

MSRP $1.25


From Verdun to Berlin, German soldiers relied on the Stahlhelm for protection.

Now your figs can wear this icon of German military power with the BrickArms Stahlhelm!

MSRP $1.25

M1 Helmet

The standard issue helmet of the U.S. military for over 40 years, the M1 Helmet is an icon of American history.

MSRP $1.25


Keep your ears warm, comrade, with the BrickArms Ushanka.

MSRP $1.25


Perfect for any WWI minifig, the BrickArms Brodie Helmet also makes an excellent accessory for your medieval figs!

MSRP $1.25

Modern Combat Helmet

Based on several cutting-edge helmet designs, the BrickArms Modern Combat Helmet is an essential piece of headgear for the modern minifig soldier.

MSRP $1.25